Never tell me the odds!

"Don't let anyone ever tell you that you don't deserve the things you want. Don't do drugs. Carry a loaded gun and don't pull it out unless you plan to kill someone. Strippers are people too give em some money. as much money as possible everyday. Have a lot of sex. Stay focused. Don't be afraid to do exactly what you want, how you want. College is a huge waste of time and money, and so is sleep. Don't breed. The world is a cold, dark place, and you're responsible for making your corner shine. No matter how much money you made yesterday, you start every day at zero. Being famous is dumb. Don't steal. Treat your family with respect. Stockpile all the ammunition you can get. Don't be lazy. Find what you want and take it because no one else will hand it to you. Don't take any from anyone. Stop wasting your time reading this, and go produce something! And remember, if all else fails, you can always be a serial killer"

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Street Soccer: New York, Official Theatrical Trailer

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